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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Always Emily To get by in life you have to know the truth sometimes. Theme When Emily was at the school fora little bit she already wanted to gohome, but Charlotte wanted her tostay and so do her principal, soEmily climbed out the window and tried to run home. Objective Summary Beginning: Emily and charlottehave both already lost two sistersby a sickness that they don'tknow what it is called. Charlotte gets a teaching job at a school and drags Emily with her to go toschool. Emily doesn't want tobe there because she doesn't want to be away from home.So while Charlotte is in class teaching she gets called down to the officebecause her sister tried to sneak out.They won't let emily go home after what she did. A few days latter Emily gets sick really bad and gets sent home. She recovers in no time and is back on her feet eating in no time. One night her family gets a break in and her dad tries to investigate what happened and hefinds nothing. Emily remembers there has been several break in and wonders if they are all linked together. Charlotte gets into trouble byher boss and has a decision to make, soshe comes home. She is trying to figure out what this man that she saw wanted.Charlotte tells Emily about it and Emilyis going to help find out. They bothfind out the truth and know what really happened to the death at Ponden Hall. They also found out thetruth to all the break ins. Charlottewent back to school and things sortof went back to the way they were Plot The setting is in a big house andin a college. It switches from dayto night. May 1865 is the time when it all starts. Setting My characters support the themebecause they want to find out thetruth about the death at PondenHall.Charlottes and Emily's dadhas a rule about minding your own business and don't try to get people to tell you things.But they will disobey that rule to figure out the truth about this. Character
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