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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources FATAL DECISION 1914-14 aug.,4/1914 1914 1914 1973 1915 1916 1917 1916 1914 1907 1917 triple alliance triple entence blockade of germany Russia,French,great Britain formed triple entene the Serbs don't want to be ruled by Austria-Hungary tension again! the British madea blockade soGermany couldn'ttake over the sea's stalemate Wilson neutralty enormous casualties Europe at war European tensions is where no one is going to win the war this went on for a while Germany sent something sayingthat they will resume u boat attact meeting to see which of Germany the army or navel would take over the us mad about the u boat sinking innocent people in the lusitania the Sussex was a french cross channel passenger steam boat sunk by German german gov. agreed to give warning before shoting ships in the beginningof ww1 were highin the western front in france president Wilson did not want toentangle the u.s with the Europe us informed about submarines us raged about lusitania Sussex peledge pless conference 1882 june,28/1914 sussex Germany, Austria-Hungary,Italy created the triple alliance nationalism,imperialism,militarism lead to european tensions over time 19?? july 1914 archduke Franz Ferdinandwas killed by a19 year old Serbair to the Austria-Hungary throne Assassination Austria Hungary gave the Serb gov. a list of harddemands they knew they couldn'tcomplete for the kill of archduke franz A-H list of demands July,28 1914 A-H war after Germany declared war at Serbia Russia stepped in then Germany againat Russia then France and great Britain backed up France then Germany declared warat Belgium a month after themurder of their archduke the Serbiansweren't able to complete the demands leading to the war may,1/1915 a passanger ship lusitania set sail on may 1, 1915 lusitania set sail 1915 lusitania sinks the Lusitania was sunk by a german u-boat uss housatonic another ship sunk by German ships 1917 1917 2nd pless conference with Germany sanking of ships Germany keeps sinking ships of us even thought we aren't in the fight killing alot of people. the us breaks relations with Germany for skinning countless ships and the note 1917 us breaks realtions with germany 1917 1917 wilson askes for war not able to go thought the countless sinking and the note telling mexico to invade the us pushes wlson to ask for war 1917 us goes to war after congress aproved the us to go to war half didnt want to europe usa
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