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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The French Revolution Vs. The Mexican Revolution Mexican Revolution - 3rd Estate/ Middle class- Caste of people - Unfair taxation on 3rd Estate- unfair representation in Estates General-tried to peacefully debate problems and other estates voted against them - Failed to peacefully get what they want in estates general- Tennis court oath broke third estate from estates general and acted as their constitution (only planning for revolution)- People found out about revolution due to violence in Paris and the Storming of Bastille - Stormed and kind of took over Bastille PrisonExecuted :- King Louis XVI-Marie Antoinette- Robespierre- MANY MORE "We must smother the internal and external enemies of the republic"(Robespierre) The government didn't really make any efforts to fight back against revolution - Mexican Natives/Criollo's -Lower Class -Mestizo's The Many revolutions France had resulted in a republic because of equal representation in government and being able to choose their leader - They were deprived of basic rights- Napolean's invaasion fueled the revolution - revolution wasn't planned but revolutionary spirit was present for a while-They were lead by Priest Miguel Hidalgo who did not follow all of the rules of the catholic church - They didn't take over any government buildings or Assassinate any leaders.- killed many people in mexico city- No support from government- Engaged in war for Mexican Indeoendence "Sealed with our arms and endorsed by our government"(archbishop) - Excommunicated Hidalgo - executed him with a firing squad Directly after the revolution they had a constitutional monarchy but they didn't like their emperor andeventually settled on a republic. double click to change this title text!
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