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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Some body wanted but so: Angie Low wanted to keep heralliance with the Indians but she wasgoing to have to marryone of the Indians so she lied to the Indiansand made up a fake husband. Theme: Truths oralliance's don't always last. Plot: Hondo is a big shouldered man andhe was in Indian Territorysneaking by and he comesup to a house that witch belongs to Ms.Angie Low. She is a single mom with a run away husband.She lives on Indian Landbut told Hondo they have atreaty. One day the Indian men come and Hondo isstill there and break that treatyand say she has to marry anIndian to stay or they will kill them or take their land back.So she lies and says herhusband is in the mountainsand they told her he has to be back in four days. Angie and her son like Hondo so he stays for a little while.One day Hondogoes into town and on his way back her real husband triesto steal from him and Hondo killed him and looks in his jacket pocket and finds Angie's son's picture. When Hondo gets back he didn't tell her. So the fourth daycomes he is still there.the Indians come and Angie use's Hondo as a fake husband. the chief calls them a lie and said that he saw Hondo kill her real husband and the Indians start to attack and Hondo protectsthem and stops them andhe leaves and she comes to gethim back then they get married. Setting: The setting takes place in the new Mexicoterritory on July 5, 1952and it supports my themeby during this time andin this territory there was indians and if it wash't atthis time or place it wouldn'tbe the same because theseexact Indians play an importantrole character: The protagonist'sname is Hondo Lane he supports the theme bywhen the alliance breaks he is there to help them and fight for andprotect Angie and her kid.Antagonist: the Antagonist is the Apache tribe ofIndians. They support the theme because they are theone that help make the alliance and they are the ones that break itand attack Hondo, Angie,and her kid. Hondo by Louis L'amour
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