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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 *resources here U.S. in 2013 Legal Immigration in U.S. *Top Countries:- Mexico 14%- China 7.2%- India 6.9%- Philippines 5.5.%- Dom. Republic 4.2% *Top States:- California 19.4%- New York 13.5%- Florida 10.4%- Texas 9.4%- New Jersey 5.4% Illegal Immigration in U.S. *Top Countries:- Mexico 59%- El Salvador 6%- Guatemala 5%- Honduras 3%- Philippines 3% *Top States:- California 25%- Texas 16%- Florida 5%- New York 5%- Philippines 3% -14.5% of the population were in living poverty-13.6% (ages 18-64) were in living poverty- 19.9% children under 18 were in living poverty-9.5% seniors (65 and older) were living in poverty-14% of the population were food insecure Third World Countries -11.3% of the worlds population suffers from malnourishment-1 in 6 children are underweight-The most extreme poor live on just $1.25 day by day-98% of the worlds undernourished live in third world countries Hunger and poverty in the USA v.s.the Third World and how immigration effects it Hunger and poverty in the USA v.s.the Third World and how immigration effects it - First-generation Hispanic immigrants and their families now comprise 9% of the U.S. population, but 17% of all poor persons- Children in Hispanic immigrants families now comprise 11.7% of all children in the U.S, but 22% of all poor children- Minor children of first-generation immigrants comprise 26% of poor children Trisha MendozaAnthony Lee Singer, Peter. The Life You Can Save . Random House Trade Paperbacks. 2009, Print. CNN Library. "Immigration Statistics and Facts". CNN U.S. CNN. November 20 2014 <> (September 28 2014) "Hunger and Poverty Fact Sheet". Feeding America. n.d. <>(September 28 2014)
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