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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bold things thatthe German didduring WWII Devon HornMrs. MadiganLA, pd 5/612/4/14 New information learned to what I know Questions I askedasked myselfWhen Reaserching Reckless acts of the Germans Why were the Germans so reckless when invading Russia. Didnt they know the conditions that will affect them like some soldiers got frostbite, some died, and vehicles couldnt travel in the winter there? Another bold thing I think the Germans did was erasing all memory like pictures, belongings, and birth certificate while knowing they must be doing a terrible crime that they will hate doing for the rest of their lives. Germany was very bold when invading Russia when It was slightly to their disadvantage of terrain and what are the best places to take. The Germans were reckless when using heavy armored yanks because the tanks therefore will be slower in comparison to the poles tanks they were light armored that allows it to move faster and not get shot that much. The problem for the Germans infantry is that they were slow on foot which made them easy targets for the polish old-fashioned cavalry that were the most mobile and fastest units in the PolishArmy. Why didnt the Germans plan properly on invading Russia, why didnt theylookat the places where they would battle, werethere lots of roads,was the weather in their favor, will they be prepared for harsh winter conditions? Were the Germans reckless or bold wheninvading other countries of Europe? They were very bold and sacrificing their lives on trying to take over a country that is very small and to their disadvantage because of the cold, plus by doing this they could anger the soviet union/Russians. I knew that germany had a disadvantage because of their little knowledge and the weather would tell them it's definitely not the battle ground they can battle on and win in a matter of minutes or hours but they just march in and pillage take stuff, kill people like they dont care about the disadvantages they have as if there is no disadvantage for them on the battle field. double click to change this header text! After the Germans conquered Poland they lost many troops. 14,000 German soldiers died and 30,000 German soldiers got wounded.
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