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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Western Worldview New Religions Humanism and other Renaissance ideas that began in Italy graduallyspread to western and northern Europe towards the end of the15th century.Two views of religion existed in the Western worldview of thetime: one believed that individuals should follow the rules, rituals,and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church Citizenship Development - societies became more urban- citizens developed newidentities of belongingto a state- the printing presshelped create national identities and exploration Exploration The Age of Exploration began during the Renaissance in the early15th century and continued into the 17th century. A European desireto expand their influence to other areas of the world became a majorpart of their worldview. Imperialism The imperialism of the Western European countries was built onthe desire to increase their wealth and power. Their view was that thecolonies and lands they controlled were to further the interests andincrease the wealth of the controlling country. The countries becamevery competitive, each wanting superior economic power. The Exchange of Goods The exchange of foodstuffs,metals, plants, animals, and diseases affected economies and changedtraditional ways of life of people around the world. The exchange of diseases had, perhaps, the greatest impact onindigenous societies of the Americas. European diseases haddevastating effects on the local populations. Imperialism AffectingEuropean Worldviews The explorations of new lands and new peoples altered Europeanknowledge of geography and history. Europeans realized that therewere people with entirely different civilizations and histories thantheir own.
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