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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cell White House The White House gate is almostlike a cell's cell membrane. Itkeeps the good stuff in and the bad out. You wouldn't wantstrange things putting thepresident in danger. So with acell's nucleus. The security guards of the WhiteHouse is like the cell wall of a cell.It keeps out the invaders like a shieldand protects the control center orinner layers from being exposed. The powerhouse of a cell isthe mitochondria, and the powerhouse of the White Houseis the electric generator. Theyboth produce energy for entirecell or building. The nucleus of the WhiteHouse is the Oval Office.It has the power to givethe commands to allthe other people in the building as long as it hasits genetic functions to program it. This is justlike what a nucleus woulddo to the rest of the cell. The ribosomes of a cellcreates proteins for the rest of the cell and body.The kitchen of the WhiteHouse produces the food and energy too forthe who area and people their. The President of the UnitedStates is the chomosome/DNA for the White House.He is in the nucleus and has power to give orders tothe rest, like a real cell. The outside garden of theWhite House is like the chlorophyll of a cell. It takesin a lot of the CO2 around the area and deposites theO2 into the surroundings, like the actual organelle. The cytoplasm of a cellis like the hallways of theWhite House. It holds all the organelles in the celllike the building containingthe rooms. It leads to different organelles or rooms through the"cytoplasm". The refrigerator in the WhiteHouse stores food anddrinks for later usage,exactly like a vacuole.They both keep the foodand liquids safer andprevent it from being lost. Cell Membrane Cell Wall Ribosomes Nucleus Mitochondria Cytoplasm Chromosomes/DNA Vacuoles Chlorophyll
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