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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Көшпенділік.Көшпелі қоғам эволюциясы. Agriculture Villages of People Hierarchy Social System Urbanization Political Development Nomads New Guinea -Had a Monarch andCentralized Government. Aztecs -Did not have a Monarch and Centralized Government. Because both regions were so isolated,they weren't influenced by previousempires; which made them develop their own ideas. Economic Development Unlike the Americas, Oceania never develops an empire like the Incas or Aztecs. -Crops grown here weresustainable and high in nutrients in proteins. -Crops grown here couldn'tbe stored easily and theylacked essential proteins. Agriculture New Guinea reliedheavily on hunter andgatherers as their sourceof food. This meant more time hunting and less timeto develop technologiesand other ideas. Swamp Farming wasreliable and provided a constant source of food, which led to specializationof labor double click to change this header text! In total, Oceania andthe Americas had 2 domesticated animals.The pig and the llama.Also, they wereisolated from the restof the world.(Eurasia) Oceanic islands had nocontact with each other becausethey were islands, (isolated) no diffusion between cultures.Whereas the Americaswere one single land mass. Whichmade them a little lessisolated, a little more culturaly diffused. Despite being isolated from Eurasia, Oceania and the Americas developed their own political ideas and economy based on agriculture. Blue color = similarity
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