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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Google scholarship,2nd year RHD:Worldwide Developmental Cognition Norms PDPP 5thYr Psyc With Distinction (Course GPA 6.29)Majoring Early Yrs YEAR 5 TEACHERICT TEACHER CURRICULUM CLASSROOM and SPECIALNEEDS TEACHER RESEARCH ASSISTANT for:Prof. Felicity McCardleQUT, Kelvin Grove Dean's Commendation 2005Hons Supervisor: Prof. Penelope SandersonAwarded Class IIB (Course GPA 5.5, Thesis 69%) OWNER FREELANCE 10/20 25/35 15/25 MILANO (MI) FANO (PU) FANO (PU) FANO (PU) OLBIA (OT) FILIPPO AGOSTINELLI 2014 2001 2004 2005 2007 2008 2002 2009 2011 BPsycSc(Hons) Yrs 1-2 Construction Manager Project Manager RETAIL CONSTRUCTION 2003 2006 2010 2012 2015... 2013 BPsycSc(Hons) Yrs 3-4 GradDipEd Dean's Commendation 2001 YEAR 7 CLASSROOM TEACHER MUSIC and ART SPECIALIST TEACHER PREP TEACHER YEAR 4 CLASSROOM TEACHER TEACHER ICT COACH YEAR 3CLASSROOM TEACHER:Sunnybank State School YEAR 3/4CLASSROOM TEACHER 2016... John Nash at a glance in March 2015: 2017... Key: Planning Experience Achievements Study and research MOREOVER, I intend to: deftly uptake & research case-relevantskills and findings.I LOOK FORWARD TO:embracing varied placementsto increase my experience,and cover competencies. PILOT RESEARCHa. Data analysis for individual student performanceb. Interventions using attention trainingMayfield State School MINDFULNESS and METACOGNITION PROGRAMDEVELOPMENT;Pedagogical Framework Design MBSR 8-Week Course CURRICULUM 3 WEEK RETREAT(Mindfulness, Vipassana)Sri Chom Tong, Thailand MY INTERESTS include:Children, educationand familiesMY EXPERIENCE is:in schools, working with young people, and educatorsMY GOALS are:to incorporate this experiencewith developing competency as a psychologist. MY AIM is to gain supervision, competence & experience in:Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,Mindfulness-Based CBT,Interpersonal therapy,Family therapy,Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. What am I interested in? <-- RECYCLING PRACTICE---> <--- TRAVEL <-- FITNESS Goals MUSIC --> 6th Yr PsycInternship(s) Masters/PhDby research YEAR 5/6CLASSROOM TEACHER YEAR 4/5CLASSROOM TEACHER;Mindfulness & Metacognition Teacher
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