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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Are computer games beneficial to teenagers mental health? Incurrent, 15-17 years old teenagers usually spend average 3 to 5 hours per a day, especially boys With the increasing amounts for teenagers spending time to play computer games, much concern that will affect to their mental health. Advantages _________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Become more powerful to prevent them Increase physiological arousal (reaction faster to your mind)Increase positive thoughts and emotions (pleasure, funny)It can replace the reality life Develop high self-esteem Position emotions Reduce risk of depression Being more happinessEmpower themselves successfully When teenagers always playing games, they become addition to the games. Some psychologically symptoms may develop Disadvantages Becasue playing games make them become more cherrful and powerful, it reduce their bad behaviour Teenagers playing games can develop a good confident and good personaility Lack of sleeping hoursAnxietyAgitationCant detach to their cyber worldMisunderstanding with the cyber world and reality worldIncrease of alonenessRisk of depressionIrritablyHands-shaking Because of game addition,teenagers can't stop playing games.Therefore, some weird behaviour may increase Reduce helping othersIncrease aggressive and hostile behavior from violent gamesAlways having a bad emotions ( angry)Less time spending on study time, less marks from result, which could result in lower self-esteem.Cant stop for playing (addition) Can do anything that you cant do in a real lifeGames provide mental stimulation and require some form of problem solving.Communicating with people around the world Good ways for venting stressRelax themselvesImprovement of resilienceHaving a fighting spirit ( never gives up) In conclusion, Playing computer games are both beneficial and harmful. By the way, it just agendum. If you play to much, I just harm to your health. Therefore, playing suitable of games will be fine Refences:
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