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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Prepare the new business plan.- An appropriate location for the business.- Make an idea about the legal structure of the business.- Define the business name- Obtain business license and permits - Current market demand: 41.4 million senior citizens (2013) i.e 13,3% US population.- Expected to grow.- Entry strategy - Joint Venture.- Politically and economically considered stable.- Intelectual property protection. - Pioneer and front runner in the field of tele-health care.- Current operation: European Union.- Product: Tele-tech product to assist elderly citizens.- USP: Only telecare platform that integrents mobile telepresence.- Currently looking for market expansion, investors. Recommendations Recommendations We recommend the Swedish Tele Care firm to enter the US market through joint venture with Forefront Telecare Inc. This move would definitely help the firm as it is looking for a partner with similar business goals. Joint Venture with Forefront TeleCare, Inc. which is already a U.S leader in the telecare market. Home: Sweden Home: Sweden Target market: USA Target market: USA Product - Lack of credibility towards a foreign company.- The U.S. tax code and regulations can be confusing.- Currency and credit risks.- Transportation and insurance. Risks Market entry strategy Implementation Telecare platform centered on a physical avatar as a virtual assistant Telecare Technology Provider Telecare Technology Provider From Sweden to America From Sweden to America
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