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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Slavery Religion Social Class The Roman religion is very much like the Greeks, they even had the same gods just different names. JupiterThe God of Sky VulcanGod of Forge NeptuneThe God of the Seas PlutoGod of the Dead & Riches MarsThe God of War King of the Gods Forge weapons for the Gods God of Fire and Voclanos Controls the seas and earthquakes Slavery is when people are treated as proprety meaning they can be sold and bought and force to do thing against their will. Mars is an important god to the Romans because the founders of the city of Rome were sons of Mars. Main God for the Romans The Romans fear Pluto because he control the lives of men so they avoid using his name. Could destroy full fleets if angrered. During the Roman wars all of their enemies were turn into slaves when defeated. Romans Slaves The Roman love having slaves because they had always had them and uses them Slave did their dirty and hard work for them The Romans also thought that the slaves were beneficial and could advance the empire faster. While some slaves were treated nicely many were abused. Many slaves were pysically punish such as whipes There were slave who became combat fighters and fought to the death for entertaining the Romans. These men were known as gladiators and had to fight against all kinds of enemies including animals. A famous gladiators was Spartacus, who led a slave revolt in which he destroyed seven Roman armies and later was killed along with many of his men. The Romans had two main class when it was a republic. Patricians Plebians The Patrician were high class land owners who made most of the control over the city. The Plebians were common people such as farmers or small job workers. All public offices were open only to patricians. The Patricians wanted to hold the power that they had. Later the Plebians were given the office of tribune of the plebs which allowed them some power. Thought the city city should be ruled by the most educanted men. The Romans had a polytheic religion meaning that they believed in many god and goddesses.
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