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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Martin Luther King Jr. The Activist The change King wanted was for all the Black Americans to be treated fairly, because at the time King was alive in America, there were lawsthat made them treated unequally compared to white people. Black people were arrested easier and could not do certain things such as drink from the same water fountain. He also wanted this change to occur peacefully. What Change Did He Want and Why Martin Luther King Jr. learnt about Gandhi before he was an activist. He hoped that he could use this non-violent philosophy to change the unfair laws made against Black Americans, making the White Americans superior in the community. After reading Gandhi's writings, he was inspired and used Gandhi's method to do a boycott on a bus, where Black Americans were not allowed to sit on the front of the bus. King and other BlackAmericans who found this unfair boycotted the bus for 382 days. During this time, Kingwas arrested, his house was bombed, andhe was subjected to personal abuse, buthe kept up his determination, which was not in vain. How Was He Influenced By Gandhi "Violence turns into mortal bitterness and hatred...and hatred is as harmful to the hater as the hated"- Martin Luther King By: Sarina Mackey What Was Happening In America During Martin Luther King's time, which was around the late 1800s to approximately the 1970s, people with blackskin who lived in America were called Black Americans,and they were treated and considered less than WhiteAmericans. There were laws that made this legal.Examples of this was that Black Americanscould not sit at the front of the bus, could not drink from the same water fountain and was not allowed to go into some public places such as theatres. Non-violent Activism Non-violent activism such asboycotts make change because on the bus, King showed that most BlackAmericans wouldn't ride the bus until they were equal to ride, and withoutthe bus fares, the white people didnot have enough money to continue the business. How Was King Perceived King was elected president ofthe Southern Christian Leadership Conference by his supporters who thoughtthat the laws were unfair. Some white people such as the police did not want change, and they arrested, abuse and bombed the activists and their families.King was subjected to most of these. What Change Did He Create King helped end the legal segregation in parts of Americaand also acted for the right to vote and others which made Black Americans such as him equal. He also wasawarded a Nobel Peace Prize as well as several otherawards.
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