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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Over 1.2 million ice bucket videos were shared on Facebook within two months and $13.3 million was raisedin one month. With the help of social media, the ALS ice bucket challenge has been shared all over the world. Othercampaigns and fundraisers can use this challenge as a positive example and get ideas on how to successfully raise money for a good cause. The ALS ice bucket challengewas really successful, and it canbe a positive example for otherfundraising camplaigns. People dumped ice water on their heads, recorded it, nominated friends to complete the challenge, shared their videos on social media, and this raised awareness and lots of money for a good cause. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raising awareness for a good cause is always beneficial even if there is no money involved. Once the ALS ice bucket challenge began, it spreadall across the globe. Social media made it possible. Sources: Costa, Jose. "Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Matters." The HuffingtonPost.Steel, Emily. "Ice Bucket Challenge Has Raised Millions for ALS Association." The New York Times.Vericat, Jose. "Accidental Activists: Using Facebook to Drive Change." Journal of International Affairs. Awareness and the popularity of thissocial media based challenge iswhat kept ALS fundraisers going. Celebrities like Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, and LeBron James completed the ice bucket challenge raising awareness for ALS! Facebook is one social networking site with over 500 million users who havethe power to make a change in the world.
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