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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Winter Girls By Laurie Halse Anderson Setting: Lia and Cassie's school Amoskeag High, they are both seniors.The setting is mostly at their high school because Cassie died and that's where they honor her death. If your friend is in need and she is asking fro help whether you guysquit being friends or not you still need tohelp them or you'll feel quilty forever because Cassie and Lia quit being friends, but Cassie still asked for help because they don't eat and Cassie was at a motel drinking alcohol and Lia ignoredher 33 calls so Cassie died. And Lia felt guilty for a long time. Theme Characters: Lia, Cassie, and ElijahThe protagonist is Lia because she is on the verge of dying just like her best friend Cassie did. Because Lia and Cassie made a bet on who could be skinnierby starving their selves. Lia can't really function and shecuts herself and tries to get smaller and smaller, but Cassie died from starvation, and alcohol.The antagonist is food. Because they starve from not eating food.And food gets them fat so they don't eat. Objective Summary: Cassie wanted helpat the wrong time, but she couldn't get help because Lia ignored her so she died. Elijah Beginning- Cassie and Lia had a bet on who could get skinnierbut that went downhill because theygot super weak instead of being strong they stopped eating instead of like working out and gteting skinnier. Middle- Cassie and Lia quit talking to each other and Lia ignored Cassie's calls, while Cassie called 33 times for help because she drank to much alcoholand she died. End- This guy Elijah asked for her over the phone, but she ignored him to because she didn't know himand Lia went to the motel room to look where she died, and Elijah was there, so she hurried and left an pretendedshe was Emma her little sister, but then Lia and Elijah started being friends and tried to figure out what happened to Cassie. Then they figured out Cassie threw up to muchher esophagus exploded and thats how she died.
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