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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SYLO D.J. Machale Theme: Keep on persevering even through hard situations in your life. As well as know who to trust in your life. Theme: Keep on persevering even through hard situations in your life. As well as know who to trust in your life. double click to change this title text! Objective Summary: Tucker Peirce wants to discover the truthof why an unknown group of military is on his home island and what will make them leave. But right when the soldiers land the island is cut off from the outside world. So now Tucker and his friends have to find out the truth and eventually have to try to save the world from an unknown enemy. Tucker and his friends have to persevere countless times before finally succeeding their goal. Plot: Throughout this book many of the characters show perseverance. In the beginning of the book Tucker has to perseverewhen the military comes because he has to continue to findclues even when army is preventing them. He has to have help from hisfriends to overcome the military and finding out the truth. In the middle of the bookTucker also has to persevere when one of his friends dies and he still has to continueon with the plan. Finally at the end of the book Tucker and Tori have to persevere when they try to escape the island while the military is after them. So throughout this book thereis tons of perseverance and trust. Setting: Tucker has to learn how to persevere while he is strandedon the island of Pemberwick in Maine. He also has to be able to trustthe people on the island as well inorder to defeat the military. Antagonist: The SYLO which is the military group that invades the island are the antagonist characters of the book. They make the people of Pemberwick have a hard time to keepon persevering and they are killing and harming some of the civillians to show them who is boss. Protagonist: The main protagonist in this book is Tucker Pierce. He is the one who has to give people hope and make themrebel against all of the SYLO soldiers and their fleet. He alsohas to persevere through hard times especially when it comes to his parents when he finds out that they are working with the SYLO. Now he has to know who to trust and not to trust in the book.
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