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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Objective Summary:Eli Yanakakis was the son of a billionaire Rex Yanakakis then after what happened in the compound he's wanting to stayhidden not wanting people toknow who he really was. Buthis twin brother was ready to be social and let people into there family's secret life so he did and the guy thatthey met was actually a workerfor there dad and was de-aged byone of his dads inventions he hadbeen working on for a long time.which kinda mess with there family. Setting:The Family's house and their dads private island is the setting.The theme relates to my setting by at there house they fight all the time. Also Lexi, Eddy,and Eli come closer at the island because they need to escape and get away from theirdad. because plot:Throughout the story Eli's family shows that even if family turns there back on you you don't turn your back on them. elis family try's to recover from the compound.but then eli wasnt to get closer with eddy but he seams to be pushing him away because he is had to bearound.then there father comes back when they are on a trip and trys to keep them on his island to try to get themrest on the family there.he also try's to make a de -ager and it dosnt work and the dad dies after the island blows up and thedad gets hit with the deager and dies. Characters:Protagonist Eddy he finallydecides to listen to Eli on the beach after he takel'shim an believes him when he tells him about the yellowroom and the supplements.Antagonist Rex try's to getcloser to the kids after hethought they died whenthe compound he kinda kidnapps them and makes them stay withhim. Theme:sometimes family will turn there back on you but you cant turn your back on them.. The Fallout By: S.A. Bodeen
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