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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme:The theme is that sometimes you have to band together evenif you don't like someone to survive. The objective summary:Stephen Quinn wanted to leavesettler's landing, but his dad wasis a coma, so stephen meet jenny and played a prank that went horriblly wrong. Plot:the beginning of the story Stephen Quinn and his dad found a b-started 2 bomber crash a scavenged for anything they could find, but these slavers also found the plane and took shelter for the night. The slavers had two slaves with them a mother and her son and the wanted to free them. So they did went they fell asleep. They tried to free them but the slavers woke up and attacked them. They got free and ran away. When they stopped to catch there breath Stephens dad slipped and fellis this canyon and busted everything to his headand to his toes. Then the next day men from a camp found them and took the in and help Stephensdad, but he is in an serious coma.Middle: After they get into the campthis girl named violet takes care of his dad and Stephen gets used to the town and meets new people and makes new friends, and goes to school, he feels like he's just anormal kid... until he meets jenny. They become friend'sslowly but them become friends then they prankwill henry the bully in the town, so Stephen and his newfriend jenny play a prank on will but in goes horribly wrong, and end up declaring war on fort Leonard another settlement. so they hire slaves to help them out in the war,but the slaves turn bad and end up burrning most of the town.End: After most of the town was burned to ashes the settlers started to rebuild Stephen work at a school on the weekendand jenny went on her way to make her own destiney. My book report: Settings:The setting is in a small camp site. called settlers landing.This camp is after "the eleventh plague" has happened.the eleventh plague is a plague that the Chinese had made and bombed the USA. It was a strain of influenzathat killed millions upon millions of people.Settlers landing are the people who hadsurvived it, and the people who are inthere work together to survive. Characters:Protagonist: Stephen QuinnAntagonist: Will HenryOthers: Dad, Jenny(Girlfriend)
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