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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 savannah has had her monkey kidnapped she wanted to get her back so she went on a hunt to find her monkey cleopatra she searches everywhere for her and she finaly finds a banana and she knows for a fact that "celo" has been kidnapped so they follow the clues and they find out that "cleo" is in a zoo. The theme of the story issometimes you have to go to the extra mile to get what you want. Objective summary theme plot The plot of the story is in the beginning of the storysavannah's monkey cleo went missing so she was super torn up about it so her and her four friends went looking for cleo. they finally found a banana peel and by that she knew cleo was kidnapped. So then they went serching for her some more and found her in a zoo! They had to sneek her out and thats what they did. But sence the keeper of all the animals was really mean and they felt bad for the other animals they busted over forty animals out of the zoo also! But in the end they got to get cleo back from the zoo. This ties into the theme because they didnt just get out one animalthey got over fourty because they wanted one. the setting of the story is a floating zoo. this helps the theme because the zoo is FLOATINGand they took over forty animals just to get one. setting protagnast the protagnast is cleo because she is the reason this whole thing went down. antagnist the antagnist is Mr. "nasty" he is the mean old man that owns the zoo and that took cleo
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