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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Longfellow Bridge Boston Massachusetts Longfellow Bridge- Boston Massachusetts A.K.A Salt & Paper Bridge - Due to the shape of the Bridge A.K.A Salt & Paper Bridge - Due to the shape of the Bridge Carries 28600 'Cars' each weekday Opened in 1906 Carries nearly 90000 passengers every weekday Today it carries 49500 vehicles Length is 2135 feetDeck Width of 105 feet Fire Breaks Out May, 2007 Historical Cost as of today272.5 Million Bridge falls under thejurisdiction and oversight of Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Bridge has undergone two repair projectsone in 1959other in 2002 Scenarios To Achieve Maintenance If an investment in maintenanceof 1 percent of capital cost occurseach year that would result in total lifetime maintenance spending of $62.7 million.With the addition of a projected $80 million in current rehabilitation costs (equal to 40% ofthe estimate), the total savings would be approximately $80.8 million. Maintenance spending at a rate of investment of 2.5 percent of capital costeach year would have resulted in total lifetime maintenancespending of $156.8 million.With the addition of projectedrehabilitation costs, equal to20% of the estimate, the total savings would be $26.7 million. The actual scenario: no annual maintenance program but amajor rehabilitation in 1959followed by another facelift in2002. Capital depreciation isassumed to be 100 percent ofthe rehabilitation cost, currentlyset at $200,000,000. The total cost to keep thebridge in good repair is $223.5million in 2007 dollars Current Reconstruction Plan Scenario -1 Scenario -2 Scenario -3 Maintenance
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