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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Health Careers High School we're more than just a school Patient Care Take vital signs on adult/pedi patients;restrain pedi patient using papoose board & other holding method; perform infant Health Care provider CPR Admission, transfer &discharge of patientsturn and position patientsUse Hoyer lift to move patients; Dental Science Learn about dental radiogrphy,make diagnostic casts, fabricate mouth-guards & orthodonticmodels; dental specialties and Veterinary dentistry and go several elementary school and teach oral hygiene to the students Intro to Medical Lab Health SciencesFun Classes Principals of Science Medical Terminology Off Campus Rotation On Campus Rotation Learn medical vocabulary & abbreviations; medical procedureshuman anatomy,physiology & pathophysiology Go to local hospitals & observe several units from the ER,Surgery, Radiology,Nursery/ Pediatricsto ICU Dental Science -expose & process x-ray films; Med-Surg -surgicalinstumentation; Diagnostic services - clinical labs Overview of therapeutic,diagnostic,biotechnology research of thehealth careindustry Intro to Med/Surg Assisting Skills Opportunity to learn about both prescription & non prescription meds, classifications drug action,uses & dosages Medical Lab skills:Properly tie tourniquets,use butterfly needles complete physical,chemical, microscopic examsCentrifuge lab specimens Pharmacology Certification Programs SPD-Sterile Processing Certification;RDA-Registered Dental Assistant;Pharmacy Tech Certification Work off campus with mentorin the scientific research field;Present final research project: oral,written, scientific presentation Scientific Research& Design (SRD)
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