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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 March 10, 1876 Created by Alexander Graham Bell. Bi-directional electronic transmission of the spoken word . $20.00 January 1, 1894 The mouthpiece formed the candlestick.The receiver was placed by your ear during the call. $17.34 December 21,1891 $47.95 1894 Transformed phone behaviorAllowed callers to leave a message if no one was on the other end.Most used cassette tapes to record messages. $200.00 April 1973 1st cell phone.30 minute talk time,8 hour standbyLED display for dialing or recall of 30 numbers. $3,995.00 1998 Light and portable along with the Motorola Dynotac.Monochrome graphicsms messaging, clock,alarm,games, shows 8 dialed 5 received ,5 missed calls28 languages $166.00 2003 double click to change this header text! One of the first phones to include a way texting (receiving only)english,and spanish support $229.99 One of the first smartphones.caller idpocket internet explorertouch screen w/QWERTY keyboard.headset jack60mb internal storage.sms/email messagesspeaker phone. January5,2009 $49-$112.00 Implements a signaling technology in the telecommunication used when starting a telephone number to a telephone exchange. June 2008 Gorilla glass screen3g networkemail access24 hours of music time10 hour talk time300 hour standby timephoto viewpredictive text inputorganizationdocumentation $164.99 2018 group video chatGorilla glass screenunlimited messaging and picture space78 hours of unlimited usagesscreen warrantysplit screen multitaskingAND MUCH MORE ! My technology device has made a huge impact on the business world. My device has made many advancements such as convenience for the consumers who have bought my product. My device has also been global to share the beautiful features that it has all over the world. It has also successfully showed students a healthy and easy way of learning. According to a study that Yahoo! news help,60% of students use my device to enhance their learning experience. It has also impacted the replying rate of email response because emails can be retrieved from this device. Email has done a lot to change the way we think of business communication. Going on business trips has never been easier. Not only can you find plane tickets and low hotel prices at a moments notice, but you can find your way around the new area with ease thanks to mobile maps and GPS navigation utilities. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally.
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