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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 october 25 ~ november 11 1813 attack on lower cannada DOG october 25 to november 11 1813 it was a draw The father and sonhold hands despite the apocalypse. This shows a father can be protective. This image shows that it is set in some kind of apocolyptic disaster.It shows 2 people walking. the men in war wear tall black boots.white or red pants,and a white, green or bluebutton down shirt with sholder pads.the also wear pirate looking hats Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Nerds and Geeks typically getplaced as the same types of people. However there are many differences between the two. website when was it ? who won the war october 25 1813 MAINCHARACTERS IMAGE what the men would wear in war Facialexpressions double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. together with the battle of cryslers farm the battle of the chateaury ended in two promped american campain against monteal in october 1813.hampton advanced with about 3,000 solders while subery had under his comand 400 milta and first nation fighters as well as 1300 men led by leuitendant cobnel george macdonelle the achivement of a few milta repelling americans regualrs, and for brage number of french-canadian defenders. in october major general james wikison began a coardnation campain to compair montreal with 7,000 to 8,000 soliders based at sackets harbor. british lietendant coloel josiph morrisons force of about 1100 men pursed wikisons flotia down the saint laweance river.when the americans tunred to eneage with about 3,00 of their force, the british landed and took up a strong defence position on jhon cryslers feild, after a bloody battle the hasalily returned to their boats.they decended the river to the french mills, new york where they took up witer corlers abandoning efforts to capture montreal by Julia Morgan and Jaden Buckle . by julia and jaden
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