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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The employment, use, persuasion, inducement, enticement,or coercion of any child to engage orassist in any sexually explicit conduct orsimulation to produce a visual depiction of such conduct OR the rape,molestation, prostitution,or other form of sexual exploitation of children,or incest with children. How we know: Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. 1 in every 5 girls will be a victim of child abuse.1 in every 20 boys will be a victim of child abuse. BOYS Each year in theUS,there are2.9 million reportsof Child Abuse. FBI OfficialRecords Self-Reports Victimization/Perpetration Surveys It costs about $124 BILLION dollarsto pay for childabuse treatment. Protect our girls and boys! LONG-LASTINGEFFECTS CommonCharacteristicsabout the PERPETRATOR Who would dosuch a thing? Let's look atthe 7.7/1000 children did not have anidentified grandparent. That includes childhoodhealthcare costs,adult medical costs,productivity losses, child welfare costs,criminal justice costs, and special educationcosts. lack of trustfeeling worthless/damagedunable to regulate emotions Childhood pastof abuse Male Misuse ofALCOHOL/DRUGS Sexual fantasiesabout kids Almost 10 out of 1000 victims had only a singleparent and partner. In 2006, 26.9% of perpetratorshad a substance abuseproblem in the house. GIRLS All About The Victims of Child Abuse 8.5/1000 girlsat more riskfor all typesof abuse. Source: Faller 6.5/1000 boysat risk forall typesof abuse. 4. 5. Direct Observation 1. Informant Reports WHAT, WHO & WHEN? 3.5/1000 girlsat risk forsexual abuse. 0.67/1000 boysat risk forsexual abuse FACTS! antisocial disregardfor others Poor impulsecontrol WHYITMATTERS
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