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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Me making a chose By working in the Food Forest I was able to understand sense of place and how to live sustainably while also helping others live sustainably. FGCU Food Forrest Colloquium Service Learning Project Choosing Was only because it was convenient but ended up being a great chose. + How the Food Forest is helping out in the community.... It is a garden which highlights tropical/subtropical edible species that grow well in South Florida. The purpose of this garden is to be an educational tool for our community to learn about the unusual variety of foods from all over the world that can be grown locally. Bottom line: FGCU Food Forest is a student ran botanical garden. I realized that this project actually related to my major because, by learning all this now I will be able to teach my future students as an educator all about sustainability and sense of place. This was they will grow up with a better understanding of it then we did. The FGCU Food Forest organically grows a variety of edible plants from different areas and countries that students may come and eat from. This helps students eat healthier and more on the student budget. It also helps with students sense of place because a student might not be familiar with the food they are seeing around town and campus but may walk into the Food Forest and recognize something in there from wherever they are from and can now eat something more familiar to them. Helping with the Food Forest helped be become more aware of nature and what we can do to live more environmentally friendly. This was accomplished by learning what plants to grow and eat. These plants can strive off each other and can be around for many years. I can start living like this andraise my children to live like this and leave my legacy of a better markon the environment.
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