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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 IGV IG Enjeux de l’évaluation de la qualité de linformation géographique volontaire (IGV) Qualité Information géographique (IG) actualité, cohérence logique, précision géométrique, qualité sémantique et lexhaustivité USGS TESTING To get feedback from users satisfactioncomfort... Performance measuraments Subjective measuraments Task Analysis/ Use Case:succes, errors, time, clicks... 5 participants Create Scenarios: what users come to your site with&how to satisfy them VIRTUALETNOGRAPHY USABILITY Analysis of the INQUIRY - Objective + subjective information- No distance observation and registration- Symmetric: researchers = participants- Sincerity and confidence- Technological mediation* - Difficulty to get the objectivity and the real immersion.- Uncontrollable circumstances- Limits are not clear- Real online identity?- Techonological mediation* Technology is social Identity + sociability onlineSocial organization in virtual contexts Researcher's immersion Direct observation Interviews INSPECTION according to Jakob Nielsen Analysis of the interfaceto detect possible interaction errors Cognitive Walkthroughs. Heuristic evaluation. 10 Nielsen's heuristics (and more) -The analysis of usability can saymany things about the web andinteraction system.-It's an instrumental approach -the analysis of the usability can hide some elements. -This methodology cannot say WHY. It is focused on saying WHAT. Collecting quantitativedata from users and getting information about them Field observation Interviews/focus group -Bruce Tognazzini's 16 principles-Ben Scheiderman's 8 golden rules-Lund usability maxims These are qualitative methodsbut the answers can be quantified More a DISCOVERY process than a EVALUATIVE process
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