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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Survival Rates of Health Care Workers A second conclusion that can be brought up from this is that if our health care is just struggling to keep themselves alive, how do you expect the public to be all right? Countries Hit From The Disease The Hardest (death count of 16,933) 1. 2. 120 (50%) Sierra Leone 120 (50%) As you can see, protection of health care is showing lack in protection as the survival rates for these people is only 50% from all reported cases. Muhammad H. Tariq 73% 5% Guinea Survived Decease d 3 major hit countries Liberia 1,530 (25.5%) 3,145 (52.4%) 1. 2. 100% 16,933 Total 47.6% 26.1% 6,002 # of treated vs. # of deceased Decease d 10,931 Cured Ebola A virus, which we either have victory over...or a loss. Ebola is some deadly virus. So far, it has killed over 6,002 people in the world. My not seem a lot, but for a virus of no cure, that's serious. Over 200 health workers have been infected, over half of those died. Incubation period can span up to a month. It was first founded in 1976.It is believed to come from primates/bats as they could also be infected as well.Also, it is believed that many of this outbreaks could be accidental due to an accidental approach to a infected animal listed above.
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