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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LAA: Invented zeroCreated 365.25 day calendarWritten hieroglyphics and codicesPlayed a sport named Pok-a-tok Incas1100s AD - 1500s ADPeak 1400s AD Pre Columbian Civilizations Mayans1800s BC - 900s ADPEAK 250 AD Latin America Latin America Valley of MexicoCentral Mexicam Plateau Yucatan Peninsula Aztecs 1200s AD-1500s ADPEAK 1300s AD HEI: Built terracesHad an aquaduct system HEI: Burned down forests to clear land for cropsProduced Maize, Potatoes, Chocolate, Cotton HEI: Chinampas (Floating islands on lake for farming) LAA: Had their own calenderAdvanced medicine (at the time)Spoke NahuatlUsed basic Hieroglyphics LAA: Spoke QuechuaNo written languagesAdvanced astronomy/architecture, could create patterns in shadows using temples Government: Divided into city-states, separaterulers per city Relgion: PolytheisticRequired human sacrificeMade pyramids/temples Social Organizations: 1) Rulers2) Priests/Astronomers3) Scribes4) Merchants5) Farmers Chile, Peru, and Ecuador Fall: Unknown, possible theories include:DroughtRuining the nutrients of soil (creating desert) Government: One ruler over the whole land (empire)Ruler would conquer neighbors and force taxes Social Organizations: 1) King/Ruler2) Nobles (officials, judges, governors, priests)3) Warriors4) Priests5) Traders6) Farmers7) Serfs/Slaves Religion: PolytheisticQuetzalcoatl (White god of Earth/water who they awaited his return)manyHuman Sacrifices Fall: Spainish conquistador, Hernán Cortés, conquers Aztec in 1521 by pretending to be their god, Quetzalcoatl Government: EmpireEmperor had all the powerSapa Inca established captial Social Organiations: 1) King (Sapa Inca)2) Aylla (village leader)3) Nobles4) FarmersOnly royalty/messengers could use roads Religion: PolytheisticWorshiped sun god Inti (Inca = Children of sun)Made pyramids (Intihuatana) Fall: Spainish Conquistador, Pizarro, ambushed and conquered the Incas in 1532 AD
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