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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 pre-columbian civilizations of latin america Incas Aztecs the RELIGION of the mayans was polytheism (worshipped many/various gods) Mayas Government: Each Mayan region had their own leaders. close to a Monarchy type of government THE KING OF THE WHOLE EMPIRE IS MOST POWERFUL. THE PRIESTS ARE THE NEXTIN THE LINE OF POWERTHEN THE REST OF THE EMPIREIS AT THE BOTTOM AS TO HOW MUCHPOWER THEY HAVE CENTRAL AMERICAYucatan Peninsula, Guatemala, Belize 1800 BC 250 AD 900 AD the start/rise of the Maya Civilization the peak of the Mayans the fall of the Maya Civilization H.E.ICenote (water sources)Agriculture (corn maizes)Growing Crops (cotton) Tenochtitlan was the capital of the Aztec Empire.Empire was spread from valley of Mexico, Plateau of Central Mexico, to Lake Texoco. Known for their beautifully built cities, Chicen Itza. Built around religious sites Aztecs were POLYTHEISTIC Tlaloc (Rain god) Nanahuatzin (Sun god) 1325 AD Grew cocoa beans, often used as valuable objects(Agriculture) Grew corn, corn maizesOften used Jaguar skin for clothing 1521 AD Relatively similair to a Monarchy system of government. Aztec Hieroglyphics (Arts)360 Solar Calendar (Academics)Many folktale stories told (Literature) Start/Rise of the Aztec Empire Fall of Empire due to theattack from Ferdinand Cortez 1440-1502 AD the peak of the Aztecs The Aztecs were a very gruesome, harsh, blood thirsty Civilization. Well known for their massive temples built for their gods. 1530 AD Fall of Inca Empire due to Spaniards and Civil War outbreaks 1200 AD 1490 AD Start/ Rise of the Inca Empire the peak of the Incas Empire spread from Cuzco, Andes Mountains, Chile region, and to the mountains that border Brazil and Chile. by Ashley Won Quipus to keep records (Academics, Literature)Textiles and Weaving Work (Arts) Form of government was most similair to Monarchy or Dictatorship Incas were polytheistic. Their main god was the sun god, Inti Incan Emperor had all the power, almost like a dictator. The rest of the empire had no say or power
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