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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Habitat Diet Life Span Endagered Help for Them Birth And Care Appearance The Golden Lions Live inBrazilian rain Forests andthe trees in the forest. They are endangered becausedeforestation mainly like the otheranimals that live in the Brazilian forest. They are also dying because of industries and agriculture The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) foundation Is helping the Golden Lion Tamarins and otheranimals that live in the Brazilian forestby patterning with companiesto stop deforestation. Golden Lion Tamarin Golden Lion Tamarins are omnivores feeding on insects, fruit, and small lizards during the day as a predator. The Golden Lion Tamarindoes not play a significant role in the habitat besides eat insects and hanging around in trees. Role The Golden Lion Tamarinare small and orange monkeys that live in the Brazilian Forests and are mammals.They can weigh from 400- 800 grams. (Leontopithecus rosalia) The Golden Lion Gestation time period is about 130 days and they have the baby in a hollow in a tree. They have twins most of the time but if not only one per year most of the time. The Golden Lion Tamarin babies are taken care by mom then is taken care by dad at 12 moths until maturity which is 18 months. The average life span for them is 8 years if they do not dieat infant age. They form social family groups together. Auggie Gehret 7-B
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