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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fantasy Chasity Quezada My fairys name is going to be Zaveah. She is going to be a care fairy. She flies around the forest doing what she can to help others. Zaveah got this habit because she got bit by a carebear when she was smaller because he thought she was food he could eat. Once he bit her, she suddenly grew a nice and kind heart. She has long black hair and bright big blue eyes. She ALWAYS has the colors purple and turquoise on. Her pixie dust color is purple and turquoise as well. When she does something nice for someone her pixie dust turns fuschia as her heart fills with love. Zaveah has a short turquoise and purple dress on everyday. Her dress has a couple of feathers on the back. It also has glitter flowing through from top to the bottom. Her hair is usually either straight or curled. She has big blue eyes as i said earlier and along with those big blue eyes of hers she has long dark eyelashes. Everyday she has a design around her eye symbolizing her love and care for everyone. Her eyeshadow blends in with her clothing being the colors purple and turquoise. She also has winged eyeliner. Zaveah plans to be the very best and or kindest person in the forest. She wants to be there for everyone as much as she can, but she also wants everyone to understand that when she cannot be there she is out helping someone else, and she will be there sooner or later. Zaveah helps others by touching the others heart soft and kindly. She tells them compliments and makes them feel loved. Makeup Morgue
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