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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1906 1870 *resources TIMELINE Atom Development William Crookes Some GreekPhilosophers John Dalton Ernest Rutherford J.J. Thomson B.C. 500's 1700's matter was composed of tiny particles the particles could be cut in half the particles eventuallywouldn't divide anymore matter is like a string of beads they never tried toprove their theory matter is made up of atoms atoms can't be divided into smaller pieces atoms were hard spheres atoms were the same throughout all atoms areexactly alike experiments with a glass tube the tube had allthe air removed from it it is known as thecathone-ray tube it is theforerunner of all TV it is the forerunnerof all computer displays 1897 repeated theCRT experiment he repeated it with differentmetals and gases he concluded that cathoderays are negatively charged atoms are not impossible to divide atoms are made up ofeven smaller particles he and his coworkers decided to test Thomson's work he expected most of the speeding alpha particles to crash through the foil he thought the positive charges in the gold atomsmight cause a few minor deflections these deflections were if an alpha particlehappened to come close to a proton he was so sure that it would workthat he put his graduate student in charge of it
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