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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Social In the restof Europe, the feudal system declined and larger centralizedstates came underthe control of monarchs who also wanted thewealth that camefrom the trade routes. During the greek and roman Emipre land trade routes were expanded, so moreexotic goods so more exoticgoods from societies beyond theedges of the empires made their way back to Europe . Humanism and other Renaissance ideas that began in Italy graduallyspread to western and northern Europe towards the end of the15th century. Although the rest of Europe experienced its Renaissancelater than Italy, the effects were just as significant. As Renaissanceideas spread beyond Italy, they were changed and adapted by thecitizens of other parts of Europe to reflect their societies.Two views of religion existed in the Western worldview of thetime: one believed that individuals should follow the rules, rituals,and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church; one believed thatindividuals should question and respond to the Bible personally. If you were to examine a political map of todays world, what wordswould you use to describe the major areas that divide up the continents? You would most likely use words such as countries ornations. The idea of nation began to develop in the Renaissanceand became part of the way we see the world part of our Westernworldview.Towards the end of the Renaissance, small political units joinedtogether to form larger states. There are many reasons why thesestates began to develop into countries
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