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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DOG The kids find out their parents are alive and go on a mission to save them Nikos Carroll My story starts off by taking place in present day NY. It then switches to Bank road in NC Two teenagers named Hingle and Jeevika are homeless. All they have for company is themselves Hingle and Jeevika find parents locked up. They meet the scientist who has kept them for so long. AUTHOR WHEN WAS IT MADE? SETTING SET UP MAINCHARACTERS IMAGE FALLING ACTION Rising Action PLOT The plot of this story is two teenagers think their parents are dead, but then hear they are alive. They then go on a mission to recover them 2014 The Journey Finally meet parents but the scientist escapes. Hingle and Jeevika must track him down and capture him. This image represents the journey that Hingle and Jeevika take to save their parents from evil The set up in this book is two teenagers who are poor and live in the park CONCLUSION The family gets back together. They buy a house and live a normal happy family life. PERSONALITY Jeevika is a happy kind of person. She thinks that everyone in the world is nice. That hurts her when she tells a villain vital information. "Well, my weaknesses are art, fighting, and sports. I'm really good at talking I think that's my best quality." Jeevika said. Hingle is more of a shy guy. He doesn't like to talk much, but he is strong and athletic. CLIMAX "I really don't want to talk about my personal stuff like that. Do you wantto go and play?" Hingle was saying CONFLICT In this story thing are going great for Hingle and Jeevika, until they encounter the man who has held their parents captive. This is the conflict Plot Rollercoaster
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