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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme objective summary plot setting the face on the milk carton sometime things dont look the way they seem Janie wanted to know if she was kidnapped by her parents but they told her that she was there grandparents and her mother hannah was in a cult so for a while she was believed them then she still got curious so her and her neighbor reeve and her went to New Jersey then she saw the girl on the milk cartons mom and dad and they looked like her and non of her family looked like her so in the end she doesnt know who her parents are but she finds out that the ones who are did lie but Hannah may have kidnapped her instead. beginging Janie shes a little girl on the back of the milk cartonand she believed it was her later she wonders if herparent where her parents so she asked her mom ifshe had her birth certificate her mom said it was at thebank and they could get it later but her mom keepspushing it finally she said to he mom and dad that shewanted to know why there where no photos of her whenshe was little and why they wont show her birth certificate middle janie gets a boy friend and her and her boyfreind reeve go to new jersy to see the girl on the milk cartons parents and after she see them they go back to conneticut and get in troublewith her parents but she would not stop think about the girl on the milk cartons parents even though she told reeve that she would and he is worried about her end her and reeve brake upbecause she wont tellher parents and he reallywanted her to she stopseating for a awhile andbefore they broke upreeve called his sisterwho was a lawyer and sheasked him for the numberso she could talk to thereabout the kidnapping thinthen her and reeve madeup and Janie finally tellsher parent who descover thather so called mother hannah had kidnapped her climax Janie and reeve went to NewJersey and when they where coming back they were late notjust late like super late and Janie doesn't want to go homebecause she doesnt want herparents to know what she was doing janie thinks she was fromconnecticut but she not thinksshe was born in New Jersey charcter jaine reeve protaganis Janie and reeve really support my theme Janie thought here life was grate but really it was an train reck and reeve was a cool guy but no body really knew how bad he felt about him self
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