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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mouth This is were food enters the body and it is then from here the food is coated in Silva which helpsits digest be easierSalivary Glandssaliva is produced from here it helps break down food with enzymesTeeth Teeth are a part of mechanical digestion they helpcrush. Then it is pushed to the esophagus Esophagus Once the food is swallowed it goes directly to the the esophagus from here the food is pushed down to the stomach so it can be digested.Stomach Once food enters the stomach it goes through adigestion process with acid know as a chemicaldigestion.Small IntestineOnce the food enters the small intestine's the food starts to get absorb the nutrients from the body andstarts to get sent were it is needed throughout the bodyPancreas Form the small intestine then it gets send to here wereit is filled with juice that help break down crabs and other nutrients in the food.LiverThe liver produces the juices that which is called thebile which basically helps break down fats from the foodGall blanderthis were the bile comes out of. Once the liver produce the bile then it is stored in the gall blander were it is released when need to help break down food.Large IntestinesOnce it enters the large intestines it goes through asecond process of getting the nutrients sucked outof it this is just a small routine not as intense as the small intestine Mechanical digestionOnce example of mechanical digestion would be teeth mucnhing and crushing food.Chemical Digestion One example would be digestion in the stomachwith acid. The Human Digestive system
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