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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 - Current Locations- Planned Openings Biological, Environmental, Civil Engineering Growth and Expansion Engineer I - Engineer II - Engineer V and higher $60,000 $55,000 $100,000 + Starting Salary and Potinetial On the Job Training: Modeling (Storm water, UDF, Surge) North Carolina State University(Bachelor of Science in Biological and environmental Engineering) 40-45 hours weekly Engineer IFreese and Nichols Research Assistant for Professor Engineering Intern @ Hazen and Sawyer Country Club Cook Engineer II Freese and Nichols Ledford High School(High School Diploma) Fluids Calculus Physics Communication Soil Sciences Biological, Environmental, and Civil Engineering Building Relationships Inner Office Training UDF Modeling, Surge Modeling, Storm Water Modeling, Utility Relocation Modeling Match Retirement Life Insurance Dental, Vision, Health401K, Tuition Reimbersement Must Be: Ethical Honest,Hardworking/ InnovativeAble to Work With City Gov't (Interesting)Manage Project Budgets (Frustrating) Engineering Is: Rewarding Thought Provoking DynamicHas Opportunity for Field Work Why Environmental? Make Positive Change Protect Environment Work Outside Original Job Thoughts:Environmental ScientistEnvironmental Law Park Ranger Tips: Internships Field Work Take the Challenge of Engineering Email Talk to Boss Prioritize To-Do 2 Week Deadlines
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