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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 4. Approach Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. An addition to the risk-based approach of theDutch government. Obtaining data Structuring data 1. Data (key) alignment Due to the attention around subsidy fraud it seems relevant to research if a relation can be made between the subsidy money that has been granted to organizations and the bankruptcy or the removal of these organizations within the Netherlands. Output/outcome(Re-) use existing controls e.g. lowering tax on specific transactions such as construction work Incorporate subsidies within primary processes existing Subsidy application processes differ incompliance design depending on it's purpose. Statement Investigating on subsidy processes Advisable controls: Correlating provided by RVO ... ... to numbers Data creation process Conclusions & Recomendations top 3 Legal framework Law on bankrupcy "Taxi company commits fraude with 1,6 million euro of subsidy money" "Organisation takes subsidy for solar panels down with it's bankruptcy" Maaike KaasenbroodJasper KuijtenMoreno MerhaiIris Koetsenruijter More info: "VVD: A lot of fraude with subsidies" Bankrupcy due tostate of property 32,8% insolvent10,7% 6,5% (20) of these bankrupt companies gained a total amount of 999.765 (cummulated) in the years 2008, 2009 and 2010 308 Bankrupted between 2008 - 2014 36 companies went bankrupt within 2 years after they gained the subsidy in 2008 150 companies went bankrupt within 2 years after they gained the subsidy in 2009.In this group there are 20 companies that wentbankrupt that same year. Research scope 142 companies went bankrupt within 2 years after they gained the subsidy in 2010.In this group there are 19companies that wentbankrupt that same year. Results in numbers Subsidy enabler of bankruptcy fraud?! Guideline on executionsubsidy regulation AWB 4.2 2010:1. 2. 3.2009:1. 2. Innovatie Prestatie ContractenEnergie Onderzoeks SubsidieEUROSTARS Innovatie Prestatie ContractenEnergie Onderzoekssubsidie EUROSTARS Subsidies assigned:2008 - 19.7022009 - 17.9232010 - 23.548 Subsidy specific regulation dissolution decree51,9% 2010 TOP 3 1,037,707.00 803,994.00 500,000.00 (21)(1)(1) 3. To compensate or overcome risks of investments or pollution numbers a subsidy regulation is best designed when incorporated with existing business processes or regulation. Lowering transaction costs, moving totransaction based subsidies. EurostarsInnovatievouchers Beroepsonderwijsinbedrijf bankruptcy Subsidy amount per year:2008 - 1.832.050.4272009 - 16.655.221.9902010 - 9.319.844.091 subsidies  overstated understated
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