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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Themes and Motifs:MOTIFS:Learned that arrogance leads to consequence.Never provoke a godWits can substitute strengthBe careful who you trustTHEME:Morals and Judgment Conflict:Internal: Fighting for sanity and the return of home. shows grief and sorrowExternal: His men are getting devoured andOdysseus needs to get them out alive Plot and Analysis:Odysseus and his crew are now trapped in a caveinhabited by a man eating cyclops named Polyphemus.Odysseus needs to devise a plan of escape, which includesblinding the monster, and escaping through the belly of his sheep Heroic Qualities:strengths include1. bravery2. intelligence3. determinationFlaws can include1. pride (hubris)2. curiosity3. lack of vigilance (acting before thinking) FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE:homeric epithets: 1. Calypso, the heavenly goddess2. Poseiden the dark-haired god (These show and add the meaning of power and importance by describing either features or qualities to emphasize the importance of specific god or mortal)IRONY:1. odysseus saying his name is "No-man" (when the cyclops calls out to his friends he shall say "No-man is hurting me, No-man is killing me!"this adds a sort of humor to the epic giving the readers a laugh)SIMILE 1. "Blood bubbled around his eye and burned off the lids of the eye as well as the brows, just as when a smith dips a great axe or adze into cold water, hissing loud to temper it. This comparison is showing that when the eye of the cyclops was singed it made the" same noise as when you put a hot object into cold water. This simile shows the great pain and blinding of the cyclops and emphasizes the effect of the death of this creature and the excitement of the crew THE ODYSSEY: BOOK 9
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