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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 World War Two World War Two By: Charlotte M and Juanita G The begining of WWII WWII began in 1935. There were two sides: The Axis, lead by Hitlerand the Allies Reasons WWII started WW2 started beacuse of a man called Adolf Hitler and his vision. He bribed people into joining his army. Protection Strategies During Wartime Everyone in Britain had to wear gas masks to be protected from gas bombs. Evacuation was another way to survive the war. Blackouts were "curtains" people put on their doors and windows to prevent bombing. There was a shortage of food everywhere. That was why rationing started. Air raids sirens warned people when enemy bombs were coming. Changes in Daily Life Growing up in the Shadow of War Evacuation can be connected with Number The Stars, because Hellen and her family were evacuated inorder to survive the terrible war. Most schools were only half a day. Toys were about war.For entertainment there was the radio and the movies Once the war was finished army men, evacuees and war prisioners went home. No More War! Concentration camps can be related to Anne Frank because as shewas a Jewish girl, she was sent with all her family to variousconcentration camps and there they died, as millions of other Jews.Also, Jews were forced to work as slaves for the Axis benefit and Anne Frank, Margotand her mom, along with millions of their kind,were forced to work reparing air plane batteries in horrible conditions. double c
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