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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 my site Website Sidebar Examples... Donor Firefox Humanitarian Coordinator Media Body Notes Know your audience and frame your message accordingly. There is no formulaic one-size-fits-all approach, but groups may share certain characteristics. Header Chrome Know your donor's mandate, values, goals, strategies, actors and activities. Which of the arguments for child protection are most likely to resonate, and which might turn them off? e.g. Prevention, Public Health, Human Rights etc. Humanitarian agencies rely on the media to raise awareness of crises and generate income, both directly and by informing donor's priorities. For the media, however, the driving force is the search for a story. Case studies and human interest are key. The media probably doesn't need to know about the more technical side of CPMS implementation, but they do want to know about keeping children safe from harm. Who and where are they? Know the context and the specific Child Protection challenges. Can we make a persuasive argument for the importance of mainstreaming? Do we have case studies to demonstrate its effectiveness? "One billion girls and boys live in areas that were affected by armed conflict in 2013 or 2014. Over the last decade, more than 250 million people were affected by disasters each year. More than half were children." "No one knows when the next disease outbreak or tsunami will strike. But we do know that disasters, armed conflicts, droughts and other emergencies all have a devastating impact onboys and girls." "When lives are uprooted, the systems working to keep children safe in their homes, schools and communities may be undermined or damaged. In times of crisis, boys and girls face increased risk of all forms of violence and exploitation. In the longer term, childrens survival and development are jeopardized as their societies ability to invest in their future is weakened." Media Humanitarian Coordinator Humanitarians in other sectors Child Protection remains poorly understood and communicated between peers. What exactly is the role of Child Protection in humanitarian settings? Which interventions does the sector encompass? We need to be able to define and explain Child Protection for humanitarians in other sectors, and we need more evidence to back up our claim that when children are better protected, other humanitarian efforts are more successful.
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