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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Color of the Lipstick is decided Raw materials are then purchased to make the lipsticks The mixture is then poured into the molds and are set for cooling Quality control check involvesthe heat and the rupture test. Lipsticks are then send for labeling and packaging.After this process the lipsticks are now ready to transport it to the market. Ingredients are then melted and mixed together Management: Decides which color of the lipstick they should produce in a particular batch.Entrepreneurship: Research'swhich color is in trend Raw materials: Bees wax, oils, antioxidants & emollients.Management: Decides the budget they need to work with and the amount of raw materials they purchase.Capital: Transportation used to supply these stuff Natural resources: Water, fuel & energy.Capital: machinerysLabor: Production process can be done through computerized machines or physical labour Capital: molds and equipmentsInformation: On how much timeand temperature is needed fora lipstick to form its shape. Management: Decides whether it meets the quality satandards if not,it is reprocessed. No Yes Entrepreneurship: Helps createnew packaging design which meet the market standards. Capital: Transportation of the goods are done using trucks or ships etc.Labor: Help to load or unloadthe truck.Supplies: Boxes Lipstick Production Process Flow chart Lipstick Production Process Flow chart Done by: Sharooq Obaidullah
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