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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sources :1.Barron, B. (2013, August 16). Signs of Too Much Acid in the Body. Retrieved from University College of Dental Medicine. (2014, May 7).Mouth-Healthy Eating. Retrieved from Oral Health. (2012, October 22). Change Your pH and Improve Your Teeth and Gums! Retrieved from Healthy Mouth Healthy Mouth Do you know? Banana change saliva into base Honey change saliva into base Peanut change saliva into acid Coffee change saliva into acidChocolate change saliva into acid When we mention about 'teeth', to have healthy mouth is not onlyby brushing our teeth but it's all about selecting the food!Know yourself! Know your diet! 4H : HEALTHY MOUTH contains HEALTHY LIP and HEALTHY TEETH for HEALTHY YOU The food that we eat and the drinks that we drink all effect to our saliva pH. For some specific is acidic food, sugar (sugary foods,soft drinks), and alcohol. And it can also include smoking, Chemotherapy, and Sjögren's Syndrome.*Sugary foods = food source to the bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria thrive on sugar and create an acidicby product in the saliva.**pH under 5.5 = teeth lose minerals* Causes of acidic saliva pH: A 'Healthy Mouth' means a healthy you! Outcomes of acidic saliva pH: 1. Mineral loss in the teeth.2. Dental decay begins inside the tooth enamel (minerals are being lost faster than they are being regained).3. The corners of your mouth may crackand bleed.4. The gums become inflamed and the teeth become loose in their sockets.5. Teeth may also be extra sensitive to hot or cold foods and can break easily. Prevention and/or Treatment of acidic saliva pH Prevention: Treatment: 1. Change your diet: - Limit between-meal snacking. - Limit the amount of soft drinks or any other drinks that contain sugar. - Limit very acidic foods2. Avoid smoking.3. Avoid drinking alcohol4. Chew sugarless gum that contains xylitol. 1. Brush your teeth after eating/drinking drinks.2. Drink water after eating/drinking drinks.3. Supplement with natural minerals (calcium and magnesium).4. Increase your intake of foods and juices containing potassium (potatoes and bananas).
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