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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pace/ Parts 1 and 2 Themes/Motifs Symbols d Epic Similes Quotes The pace of the book starts to slow down at the start of the 13th chapter.The adventures are now less fantastic and chapters 13-24 are focused on Odysseus's return and the themes: hospitality and loyalty. Plot Irony Its wrong, my friend, to send any stranger packing / even one who arrives in worse shape than you. / Every stranger and beggar comes from Zeus / and whatever scrap they get from the likes of us / theyll find it welcome Hospitality Even though this book isn't like the other books because of it's lack of adventure and Odysseus doesn't have to face a monster of some sort, but it does give Odysseus one final obstacle: to save his son, wife, and kingdom from the control of the suitors. Loyalty Odysseus tests the Eumaeus's loyalty by telling him a story about how Odysseus gave him a cloak on a freezing night during the Trojan War. Eumaeus shows his loyalty by offering Odysseus a place to sleep by the fire and a cloak to keep him warm. When Eumaeus asks, "ff what father were you born,"he is demonstrating the patriarchal society of Greece during this time." Fate vs. Free Will Disguise/Deceit double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Dreams vs. Reality When Odysseus states, "It was the gods who hid me easily, then led me to here into the fold of one who understands: to let me live may be what fate has planned," he implying that nothing is in his control, but is on the gods' hands.
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