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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 of incarcerated Latinos are fathers 1 in 3 of Hispanic males 18 and older have at leasta high school education The Hispanically Speaking News (HS News) site, found at, is an independent online daily news site and virtual cultural center where we create and publish valuable, timely and culturally sensitive content all peppered with some spicy wit to keep you engaged, informed and connected. Our niche news site is here for you with relevant news about and for Hispanics. Hispanic households speak Spanish at home Hispanically Speaking News 39% 39% Hispanic men are single parents Created by: 1.9million Diploma of Hispanic fathers arepart of married-couplefamilies with children younger than 18 Hispanic males 18 and older have at least a bachelor's degree 17.2% 17.2% Estimated number of Hispanic fathers across the nation Nearly of Hispanic teens who are raised in asingle-parent home are atrisk of dropping out of High School or teen pregnancy 3 out of 4 of married Hispanic fathers are raising three or more children younger than 18 4.7% 11.3 million 65% 50% Hispanic childrendo not live with both parents 20% The effects of absent Latino fathers: Sources - Incarceration & the Family (, Father Absense and the Welfare of Children (MacArthur Research Networks), America's Families and Living Arangements (U.S. Census Bureau) Latino Fathers in the U.S.A.
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