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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Sinking began in 1891 by Universal Steam Coal Com., -The production began in 1896.-In 1896,236 men were employed.-200.000 tons of coal was produced per year -In 1908, 1440 men employed.-In 1918, 1491 men employed.- 08:10 of 14 October 1913  950 men worksUniversal Colliery, SenghenyddBy 20 October the death toll hadreached 440Origin of the explosion unknown60 were less than 20 years old,205 widows,542 children,In 1901,81 men died.Closed in March 1928 The inaction of mine manager Edward Shaw created the perfect conditions for an inferno There was not even any water on hand to douse the flames. For his guilty role Shaw was fined just £24 less than 6p per life lost.Incredibly, the pit owners were fined only £10 on one charge not having a reversible fan The next day's news on the The Daily Mirror The pit before accident in news The families of the miners are waiting for the goods news Mother and aunt Joyce Slade waiting for news. Rescue Team Memorial References
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