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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 KOZLU, ZONGULDAK 3 March 1992 KOZLU, ZONGULDAK - 3 March 1992 3 March 1992... Zonguldak, Kozlu mine accident(!) happened because of firedamp explosion.It is the biggest accident happened in Zonguldak and also one of the biggest accident around the world. According to the official sources, 263 miners died in the explosion. NY TIMES NEWS NY TIMES NEWS A senior Government official, Omer Barutcu, said at a news conference that "modern technology was being used" and no fault had been found with safety precautions. More than 200 miners were believed dead today after a methane gas explosion deep underground at a state-run Turkish coal mine, and rescue workers said tonight that they had abandoned hope for those still trapped.Officials at Kozlu, in the Black Sea coal-mining area of Zonguldak, 170 miles northwest of Ankara, said that 82 bodies had been recovered and that there was no prospect of rescuing 150 to 200 men still unaccounted for after the explosion Tuesday night."The whole nation is mourning," said Prime Minister Suleyman Demirel, who traveled to the town where the explosions at about 8 P.M. Tuesday transformedthe aging Incirharmani mine into a firestorm of toxic gas hundreds of feet below ground.Mine union officials acknowledged they had no definitive way of counting the number of men trapped in the mine except by tallying the number of missing miners' lamps. Passages 'Full of Bodies'** /1992/03/05/world/200-dead-in-blast-in-a-turkish-mine.html Firedamp is flammable gas found in coal mines. It is the name given to a number of flammable gases, especially methane. It is particularly commonly found in areas where the coal is bituminous. The gas accumulates in pockets in the coal and adjacent strata, and when they are penetrated, the release can trigger explosions. Historically, if such a pocket was highly pressurized, it was termed a "bag of foulness". **William Stukeley Gresly (1882). "Bag of foulness". A Glossary of Terms Used in Coal Mining. London: E. & F.N. Spon. WHAT IS FIREDAMP? WHAT IS FIREDAMP? *Newspaper images are from Milliyet and Cumhuriyet.
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