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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 GENETICA DE LA How is Assessment/Evaluation Done? Groups The Activity After student randomly present their 2-minpersuasive speech along withtheir organelle's glamour shot,the assessment/evaluation beginThere is a peer evaluation, aninstructor evaluation, and classevaluation (voting). Together, the speechand poster providean exercise that allowsstudents to creativelyexpress their knowledge...and providereinforcement of concepts. Pre-Lesson Advanced Notice This particular activityis designed for anintroductory biologycourse. Works best with smallgroups of three to four. Groups are randomlyassigned a cellorganelle. The class votes to crown a winner of boththe oral presentationand the glamour shotportions. Time Required Can be completedin one 50-minuteclass.Should follow alesson on the topic. Textbook readingand lesson [on cell structure and function] one weekbefore this activity. "This activity not only requires that studentsremember facts, but also expects them tomove toward further understanding..." Subject Make students awarethat they will need theinformation for an activity; this willmake them moreaccountable. double click to change this title text! APLICACIONES It can be adapted for any subjectand is especially good forfirst year courses. Create groups randomlyto ensure an even mixof abilities. Student peer evaluations ofgroup work are used to measurethe contribution of each memberto the activity.The teacher will use a gradingrubric. They make a glamourshot and a 2-minspeech about theirorganelle. Hughes, Lee E., and Jason K. Pearson. "The cell organelle pageant." Journal of College Science Teaching 40.4 (2011): 72. Academic OneFile. Web. 27 May 2014..
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