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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Endorphins are neurotransmitters which interact with opiate receptors to reduce the perception of pain. The name "Endorphins" comes from endogenous, meaning within, and morphine, a pain killer. ENDORPHINS RUSHING! Physical STRESS PAIN Exercise When you exercise,your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interactwith the receptorsin your body that reduce your perception of pain. Runner's High Endorphins also trigger apositive feeling in the bodyduring exercise. That "Euphoric"feeling is known as "runner'shigh". This can be veryrewarding. Opioids The simplest way to release Endorphins is byeating a chocolate bar, eating a hot pepper, or just simply, smiling! ENDORPHINS Opioids are a group of natural painkillers producedby the body. These painkillersinteract with opiate receptorsto reduce pain. Most of these natural painkillers are released in the Pituitary Gland. DID YOU KNOW? - Boosts Self-esteem - Improves Sleep- Reduces feelings of depression and stress. Regular exercise Endorphins Vs. Morphines Endorphins are natural painkillers produced by the body, However, Morphine is not,meaning thatit is highly addictive. The structure of Morphine isvery similar to the structure ofEndorphins. ENDORPHINS RUSHING! The Endorphins are released from the Pituitary Gland. (Some from the Central Nervous System) The Endorphins flow throughoutthe brain and the body. When the Endorphins are flowingthey attach themselves to pain receptors located throughout the body.This is done to reduce pain. COCAINE 1) When cocaine is ingested, a great amount of endorphins are released, making you very happy.2) Since such a great amount of endorphins are released, the demand of endorphins cannot keep up with the production of endorphins.3) This leads to a decrease in your overall endorphin levels and creates a case of depression. The cocaine particles begin to act as a replacement of endorphin particles in your body.4) This depression can only be cured by taking more cocaine thus beginning the addiction cycle. ENDORPHINS & !@$#%* THE BRAIN BY: ALI SHAKEEL DID YOU KNOW? This is a cocaine molecule compared to an endorphin molecule! VS. Regular exercise releases Endorphins on a regular basis.
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